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Inner Fender Guard Kit; Front



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The original, and still the BEST!
Strongest inner fender protection available, proven in US Military testing!
Protect your RZR with the same product used by the U.S. Marine Corps.

  • Thunderhawk Performance Inner Fender Guard Kit is the ONLY product to pass rigorous military testing
  • Unsurpassed passenger protection for sticks* and trail debris
  • Designed to stop sticks*, deflecting them away from the passenger compartment without intrusion.
  • Protects plastic inner fenders and front of floor boards
  • Strong aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Mounts to frame at multiple points for superior strength
  • Exclusive patent-pending Thunderhawk design is the ONLY full-coverage guard available -
    No hazardous openings or gaps in coverage along the bottom exposing the plastic floorboards (where sticks can enter)
  • Designed for clean-out and drainage of mud & silt
  • Contoured to fit tightly with inner fenders
  • Maintains maximum tire clearance
  • Complete, kit installs easily in about an hour
  • Available in bare aluminum or powdercoated black
  • fits:
    2014 & newer RZR XP 1000
    2014 & newer RZR XP-4 1000
    2016 & newer RZR XP Turbo
    2016 & newer RZR XP-4 Turbo
    2018 & newer RZR Turbo-S
    2018 & newer RZR Turbo-S4
    2015 - 2017 RZR 900 XC
    2015 & newer RZR-S 900
    2015 - 2018 RZR-4 900
    2016 & newer RZR-S 1000
    2019 & newer RZR-S4 1000
  • May not fit RZR 900 Trail (50" wide) models if equipped with larger tires
  • Requires loosening/partial removal of aftermarket skid plates for installation

Thunderhawk Performance has just been awarded a U. S. Military contract to equip the military RZR's with Thunderhawk Inner Fender Guards. This was an unsolicited contract, which was awarded after the U.S. Marines purchased many different inner fender protection products from various companies and put all of these products through rigorous testing. The Thunderhawk Performance Inner Fender Guards were the only ones to pass this testing. This Thunderhawk Inner Fender Guard Kit is identical to what is supplied to the U.S. Military, so you are literally getting the same protection that the U.S. Marine Corps relies on to protect our troops.

In all honesty, we were surprised to receive this order, as we were not even aware that the military was looking for inner fender protection, or that Thunderhawk products were being tested. When we were told that Thunderhawk was the only inner fender protection that passed the military testing, our first question was naturally - "So, how did you test it?". We think you'll find this interesting. The military set up an RZR with bogie wheels to allow it travel along a set of railroad tracks it speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Sharpened hardwood dowels, up to 2 inch diameter, were mounted to a plate between the rails at four locations and two different angles so that they would impact the floor board behind the front wheel.

So, how did Thunderhawk compare? Well, one other product failed at the weld joint allowing intrusion into the passenger compartment. Another failed where it was screwed to the frame, allowing intrusion. The Thunderhawk Performance Inner Fender Guards held at all mounting points, and performed as designed, deflecting the hardwood dowels away from the passenger compartment without any intrusion into the passenger compartment that would cause injury.

Check around and you'll find a surprising number of people who have had a stick break right through the plastic floor of their RZR. When riding trails, the front tire is constantly throwing everything against the plastic floor and inner fenders. Usually, this trail debris just bounces off. But occasionally, a stick* will get wedged up in between the tire and the plastic and something has to give. When the stick breaks through the plastic and comes flying up right under your feet and legs, this will surely grab your attention and can even cause injury.

Thunderhawk's exclusive patent-pending design & mounting of this Inner Fender Guard Kit protects the floor and inner fenders by deflecting and stopping a stick* before it breaks the plastic. We selected aircraft-grade aluminum (skid plate material) for these inner fender guards and mounted them directly to the frame at multiple points for optimum strength and light weight. The lower edge of these guards are mounted to the frame at three places (on each side) so that any impacts with trail-debris will transfer to the frame, reducing the likelihood that the plastic floorboards may crack from the impact. These guards are formed to fit tightly with the stock inner fenders to maintain maximum tire clearance, allowing most popular over- size tires to fit.

Thunderhawk Inner Fender Guards are precision CNC manufactured in the USA and are designed to fit with the stock Polaris skid plate as well as most aftermarket skid plates. This kit includes all pieces for two front inner fender guards (left and right sides) and all necessary installation hardware & illustrated instructions. Available in bare aluminum or with optional black powdercoat finish (adds $40.00). Installs easily in about an hour (with stock skid plates). Made in USA.


NOTE: In addition to our regular, step-by-step installation instructions for this Inner Fender Guard Kit, our instructions also include a section with general notes, instructions and diagrams to assist in installing this kit with aftermarket UHMW skid plates. With dozens of companies offering their own UHMW skid plates, there are simply too many variations in design & construction between all of these skid plates for us to provide exact details for the installation of this kit with every possible brand of skid plate. In general, the leading edge of the main body of the skid plate must be loosened and/or pulled down to gain access to the diagonal frame tube. Please be aware that customers with aftermarket skid plates will need to:
1. At a minimum, loosen the front edge of the skid plate (along the diagonal frame tube) to allow for installation of this kit
2. May need to remove some bolts at the front edge of the skid plate and along the rocker panel in order to pull it down to access the diagonal frame tube
3. If equipped, may need to trim some of the upward-bent front lip of the skid plate (if it rises above the top of the diagonal frame tube)
4. Allow extra time for installation to fit this kit with aftermarket skid plates


DISCLAIMER: A stick*, log, or other trail debris can come up from any angle, can be any size, and can be hit at any speed of which these machines are capable. Generally speaking, a stick* would be considered a dead tree branch that is less than 2" diameter. Military testing does not guarantee that everything you encounter, in every situation, will be stopped by these inner fender guards. This testing does, however, show that these inner fender guards are in fact the strongest design available, and the most capable at providing protection in most circumstances. Thunderhawk Performance does not guarantee that these inner fender guards will stop everything you may encounter along the trail. The driver should always be aware of trail conditions and maintain a sensible speed for these conditions, drive carefully to identify and avoid potentially hazardous debris on the trail and should be familiar with local trail conditions where such hazardous debris may be concealed (such as hidden under leaves or ground cover foliage, or below the surface of water such as a puddle or creek). Thunderhawk Performance, Inc. is not responsible for any damage to property, life or limb,and the buyer assumes full responsibility and liability for, any and all damage or injury of any kind, including death, as to all persons,